Chidiebere Christian Eze (Shebifer) from Anambra State also known as Shebifer, grew up in a home where his parents worked as traders and also fostered the love of music. As a teenager he began singing and performing and later began dancing and even became a comedian while still in school. Having a love of mathematics, he initially wanted to become an engineer but his love of music was much more powerful so he continued to pursue his most passionate dream and began showcasing his talents along with friends on stage and at parties. This led him to record his first song titled “I have a Dream”. Shebifer wanted to learn as much as he could music wise and so he moved back to Lagos to learn music production. He learned fast and right away started recording his own music.

In 2016/2017 Shebifer began working alongside TIMAYA at DM Records as an in-house producer. Although he produced a couple of songs for TIMAYA, none were released but the experience pushed him further towards his dream and in 2019 he relocated to Ghana where he started working with AKA records. With his long career of music along with his passion, his drive, his energy and talents Shebifer is ready to give us more of what we love. Now signed with 26 th Element Records he is set to continue his most passionate dream and light the world on fire with new music hotter than ever. In the words of Shebifer,

“Let’s go!”